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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Do You Feel Today, Internet?

Either I've been spending so much time online that I'm growing an emotional attachment to the internet, or there's a new trend on the rise.

The up and coming study of sentiment analysis is growing due to the undeniable popularity of social networking and the importance of personal opinion. This field of research is taking the abundance of opinions across the web - via sources like Twitter and blogs, as well as online shopping sites with consumer reviews - and transforming them into numerical data in order to determine the attitudes of internet users with regard to particular topics.

Jodange, which boasts "The World's First Opinion Utility," automatically sorts feelings from both traditional and social media. A more topic-specific tool, Newssift, launched by the Financial Times Group, filters only business-focused articles based on their type of sentiment, be it positive or negative, and allows users to track key trends.

Sentiment analysis can be leveraged by companies to compile reviews of their product or service.

The science isn't foolproof yet, though. The accuracy of these sentiment analysis measurement tools cannot take into account intricacies of language, such as sarcasm. For instance, when I tweet, "I love when my BlackBerry deletes my call log," this could be logged as a positive reference to BlackBerries, when in fact I am displeased with my phone's performance.

You can look forward to vast development in this research field, as user-generated content continues its inevitable rise online, and companies learn the best means to utilizing social media.

posted by Janine Stevens at 11:42 AM

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Internet Drives Olympic Viewership

Now that we're recovered from staying up all hours of the night watching the Olympics, it's time to report on the industry relevance.

NBC introduced a Total Audience Measurement Index, which combines the audience number on television, the internet, mobile devices and on-demand into one viewership total. Though over 90% of viewers watched the Olympics on TV, the internet drove these numbers to new heights.

President of Research for NBC Universal Alan Wurtzel said, "People are using the internet to consume more Olympic content. It just fuels the interest and increases their engagement."

Without question, swimmer Michael Phelps has been a considerable driving force in the overwhelming popularity of the Olympics. The men's 4x100 relay, in which he was featured, was the most popular Olympic video online, boasting over 1.7 million viewers via video stream.

Tack it onto the list of viral videos.

posted by Janine Stevens at 4:01 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rising Gas Prices Send Consumers to Computers

With gas prices rising past $4/gallon+, the last thing consumers are doing is jumping in the car to head to the mall for an afternoon of shopping.

Enter E-Commerce - a retailer's savior.

The NY Times reported stores like Gap, Victoria's Secret and J.C. Penney are enjoying online sales growth in the double-digits. Not only do these online stores offer more selection than their brick and mortar locations, but more incentives are being offered as well. In a time when consumers are shelling out extra cash for additional fees - it costs HOW MUCH to check luggage for a flight? - it feels like Christmas when we're offered a discount. Say it with me: "Free Shipping."

If you don't have an online store - get one. It's as simple as that. If you do, drive traffic to your site to increase sales. Pay Per Click Advertizing and Search Engine Optimization strategies will pay off. Also, keep your brand fresh in the minds of your customers. Utilize e-mail marketing campaigns to draw attention to the promotions you're running.

Thrive during the fuel crunch. Leverage the demand for e-commerce.

posted by Janine Stevens at 1:01 PM

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