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Appliance Parts Distributors International (APD International), established in 1948, is a single location facility providing replacement parts for major American appliances. Located in the Tri-State Delaware Valley area, APD International is one of the largest independent distributors of appliance parts in the United States. 

ADI began working with APD International in early 2001 to build a Web site in the Thomas Register. In late 2002, APD International approached ADI with the task of improving its international reach through the Web.

ADI developed an international search engine marketing campaign to focus on target keywords such as "American appliance parts." The campaign included:

  • Registering on major national and international search engines and directories.
  • Optimizing the Web site for improved placement on English-language search engines and directories.
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising in the Google and Overture International markets as well as through the European engine,

APD International has seen a significant increase in the number of leads generated through the Web site specifically through the European market. sees an average of 3,000 unique visitors a month with 63% of visitors coming from the search engines:

  • 23% of visitors come from the Google network
  • 17% of visitors come from MSN
  • 15% of visitors come from Yahoo's national and international Web sites
  • 13% of visitors come from bookmarks or direct links
  • 4% of visitors come from the Thomas Regional directory
  • 4% of visitors come from other Web sites
  • 3% of visitors come from AOL search
  • 2% of visitors come from Dogpile
  • 1% of visitors come from the Overture network
  • 1% of visitors come from Ask Jeeves
  • 1% of visitors come from AltaVista
  • 16% of visitors come from other search engines and directories

Of those who visit the Web site, 72% stay on the Web site and navigate throughout it.

Through the Web, APD International has found its niche in the international market particularly with the US military and the European market. Based on results on the Web, APD International has decreased spending on local, yellow page, advertising, and spending through the Thomas Register. With Pay-Per-Click advertising, APD International is spending less than $1,000/month.

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