Worldwide manufacturer of memory solutions 

Dataram is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacturing of compatible memory up-grades. They service OEMs in the medical, defense, telecommunications, embedded systems and information technology industries.

Dataram's requirements for a web solution were comprehensive. Not only did they need a business tool to display its product line, information and purchasing capabilities, but they needed to ensure the Web site was also an effective sales and marketing tool. By this, they wanted to increase brand awareness, increase Internet visibility and ensure that they are found when someone is searching for its products on the search engines. One without the other would not produce the results they were looking for.

ADI provided Dataram with a comprehensive business tool- a Web site that was information rich, keyword rich and met their functionality requirements. The static html text pages used to build the Web site infrastructure provided a solid foundation for improved search engine rankings. The keyword rich copy was useable and useful for everyone—clients, salespeople, potential customers and search engine spiders. During the Web site optimization process, ADI enhanced each page with internal links, additional keyword rich text and made recommendations to improve search engine rankings. The results were outstanding.

Since the optimization process, Dataram's Web site has been a powerful sales and marketing tool. Not only did search engine optimization increase Internet leads, but it increased qualified internet leads. Unqualified leads were no longer an issue, taking away from valuable manpower and sales time. Dataram put aside the daily task of filtering through the endless number of individual consumer requests for laptop memory—manpower was now spent more wisely.

The most noted benchmark of Dataram's search engine optimization process is the addition of an Internet only product line. This line was put into place as a direct result of increased traffic to the site combined with product demand. And as it continues to be a success, future endeavors such as these are not out of sight.

Market intelligence continues to be an underlying benefit for many clients. The combination of search engine optimization and Web site statistics allows Dataram to use market intelligence in its favor. Regular monitoring of the competition's visits to the site is invaluable. Dataram knows they are one step ahead of the competition and are true leaders in the industry.

Other results include:

  • 63% of traffic is from Google, 8% Yahoo, 6% MSN. 
  • 56% of visitors find Dataram through product related keywords
  • 36% of visitors find Dataram with various brand related keywords
  • 4% increase of visitors finding a product related page, rather than the homepage
  • 4% increase in page views in 4 months
  • 1,260 more visitors per month in 4 months
  • Expanded international visibility to Google UK, Google Germany and Google Canada
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