Empline Innovations

Empline Innovations

Empline Innovations, one of the most innovative startups of 2015, specializes in new product creation and would be considered a true anchor in spurring innovation worldwide. They are leading the way towards bringing new implementations to airplane armrests, beer handles and many other old conventional products.

In addition, we must say, Empline brings highly practical solutions to the table, the prototypes are aesthetically pleasing, visually stimulating and creatively versatile.

Empline Innovations had an existing Web site that was built in a high regard, using HTML 5, they only were in need of a few simple modifications to better communicate the true nature and extent of the business. So users were better able to access the resources that Empline had to offer.

Empline required a high level Web site that:

  • Better reflected their credibility as a serious product design company.
  • Offered visitors easy access to their numerous resources.
  • Showcased their magnificent library of new products coming to market.

ADI preceded the project by fine-tuning their search engine optimization, then designed and created small modifications to the web site that was consistent with Empline's image as a revolutionary provider of new innovative products. Included are a special slider element built into the home page and an extensive project gallery.

Content management functionality combined with a SQL database allows Empline to upload their own projects and provide Web visitors with information as it becomes available.

Visitors to Empline Innovations Web site start their visual experience of the product on the home page where an element highlights both the form and functionality of their products. Subsequent pages showcase photographs prominently, and visitors requiring further visual information can browse through the gallery.

Most importantly, the new web site modifications which we implemented helps position Empline Innovations to be a big-league, cutting edge company that it is.

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