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Gopaoutdoors.com is a collaborative effort of four state tourism destination marketing organizations and Cabela's to promote the Pennsylvania great outdoors in the following counties: Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, Perry, Lehigh, Northampton and Schuylkill.

Gopaoutdoors.com Web project objectives were to seek out outdoor enthusiasts and encourage them to visit the targeted Pennsylvania destinations and Cabela's, the world's foremost outfitter, by providing seasonal outdoor activity information. The Web project would be a resource for outdoor enthusiasts to learn more about the variety and greatness of these regions as a destination. Gopaoutdoors.com wanted to provide as much valuable information as possible, which would result in repeat visits to the Web site and the destinations through each seasonal activity.

ADI created the entire look from scratch including the Gopaoutdoors.com logo. The Web site was built as a dynamic Web site with database-driven content and content management to allow for easy usability for the visitor and the administrator. The Gopaoutdoors.com Web site was designed for visitors to query a database and find information through several forms of navigation. They have the ability to choose regions and/or activities from a drop down menu, click directly on an activity, or click on a region through a dynamic map. The navigation for Gopaoutdoors.com was put through formal usability testing to ensure information could be obtained easily and quickly. Advance Design Interactive also added content management, which allowed each region to update its information in-house, adding coupons and special packages as needed. Customized tracking statistics were created to track database queries and compile them into reports for each region. Upon completion of the Web site, Gopaoutdoors.com has worked with Advance Design Interactive in marketing the Web site on the search engines through natural and paid search. 

The success of the Gopaoutdoors.com Web site lies in its traffic. After the Web site was launched, ADI created an extensive pay per click advertising campaign which increased traffic to the Web site eight fold. In conjunction with the traffic increase, Gopaoutdoors.com has seen: 

  • 9,050 new visitors
  • 32,000 page views
  • Exponential increase of page views in each Pennsylvania region

The dynamically driven Gopaoutdoors.com Web site offers simplicity and value. The Web site navigation can easily be used by a novice or an expert. Knowing that any visitor coming to the Web site can easily navigate to gather information, adds to its value. In the end, the simplicity of Gopaoutdoors.com coupled with an increase in both new and repeat visitors will make Gopaoutdoors.com a travel resource for the outdoor enthusiast and ultimately push the visitors to the Web site and then to visit each individual Pennsylvania destination.

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