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Email Marketing Solutions

Advance Design Interactive is a Philadelphia email marketing agency that works with you to create and execute effective email marketing campaigns. We build the opt-in database or research and advise on email marketing lists, create the email marketing message, segment specific customer groups, and send targeted, personalized messages. Our statistical tools allows for detailed management and analysis of your email marketing programs.

Email Marketing is still one of the preferred marketing tools for both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer companies. Small businesses and large corporations alike are finding increased sales, enhanced customer relationships, and brand recognition as a result of successful email marketing campaigns developed and managed by Advance Design Interactive.

With Advance Design Interactive's email marketing solutions, your company will:

  • Forge stronger relationships with your customers.
  • Drive sales while cutting marketing costs.
  • Increase your customer database (prospects, members, subscribers, etc.).
  • Address & target each customer's unique needs.
  • Build customer loyalty.
  • Identify and retain your best customers.
  • Deliver an unprecedented ROI.
What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email Marketing is inexpensive. An effective email marketing program can cost just pennies per person!

Email Marketing is personalized. Easily and quickly perform one-to-one marketing. Identify each consumer's action, and respond accordingly with a follow-up communication.

Email Marketing allows you to be on a first-name basis. You can build customer loyalty by greeting customers by name, and automatically remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.

Email Marketing allows you to segment your marketing message. Customers can be segmented by demographic and psychographic information. Newsletters and marketing messages can be created to parallel their interests and increase conversion.

Email Marketing allows you to generate advertising revenue. If you wish, you can even include targeted sponsorship ads, adding a revenue-generating vehicle for your business.

Email Marketing allows you to easily manage, maintain and build your marketing lists. Opt-out management, bounce handling, auto-segmenting, detailed and itemized reporting and analysis, and more!

With Advance Design Interactive's email marketing services, you will align your business with the highest anti-SPAM standards in the industry. Our email marketing solutions allow you to perform "real-time" marketing with instant feedback on the success of your campaign through analysis, cut Customer Relationship Management (CRM) costs dramatically while providing higher levels of very targeted and personalized communications, use rich messaging components (e.g.: Flash, sound, video, etc.) to deliver your company image directly into client inboxes, provide ecommerce links to sell products and services from within email messages and make it simple for all subscribers to opt-in (permission-based), to be removed (opt-out), and to change their preferences at any time.

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Advance Design Interactive, a Philadelphia Email Marketing Company.

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