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Online Media Planning & Buying

Integrating the Web into cross-media marketing is the most effective way to ensure your messaging reaches your target audience and strengthens your brand. With a thorough knowledge and understanding of industry trends and consumer behaviors, Advance Design Interactive's online media planning and online media buying services will help you develop a strong web site marketing strategy to achieve the goals of your Web site.

Advance Design Interactive, a full-service Philadelphia internet advertising agency, helps you identify the results you wish to achieve, and implement them successfully by creating and executing powerful Internet advertising and web site marketing strategies. We utilize current technology to develop and track your online marketing activities.

Our online media planning and online media buying services include:
Campaign Planning: Web Site Marketing Strategy

A successful Internet marketing campaign requires a coordinated plan of attack. As an internet advertising agency, Advance Design Interactive assists you in identifying your target audience and campaign objectives then determines the best way to achieve these goals. With our planning tools we are able to provide independent research, web site demographics, publisher requirements and pricing. We will find the web sites that will help you achieve your campaign objectives.

Online Media Planning/Online Media Buying: Marketing Efficiently

Advance Design Interactive manages all online media planning and online media buying from the proposal process to execution. We simplify this time-consuming process through an efficient, automated, media planning system. We are able to quickly locate the Web sites that fit your needs, create proposals, perform cost analysis, and manage insertion orders in addition to creative delivery and trafficking.

Creative Management: Marketing Performance

Target the right ads to the right audience at the right time. Advance Design Interactive creates the targeted message in any digital medium – Flash, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Streaming Video – for any ad type – Banner ads, Fly-outs, Pop-Ups, Pop-Under, Skyscrapers. We work with you in choosing exactly how, where, how often, and in what sequence the creative is shown – ensuring that you maximize every ad impression.

Analysis & Optimization: Marketing Value

Demand optimal performance of your online advertising – we do. Advance Design Interactive constantly analyzes, tests and optimizes your internet advertising campaign and web site marketing strategy. We use a combination of in-house tracking and external ad-serving technology to analyze and recommend ways of improving the media plan and creative assignments – providing a campaign that ads value to your brand.

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