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EchoData Group is a provider of integrated marketing and supply chain solutions. Headquartered in Coatesville, PA and Longmont, CO


Full-Service Fulfillment Company
EchoData Group

EchoData Group is a provider of integrated marketing and supply chain solutions. Headquartered in Coatesville, PA and Longmont, CO, EchoData offers services such as product fulfillment, direct mail fulfillment, media replication, warehousing and shipping, kit assembly, and packaging. EchoData’s competitors are fulfillment companies offering personalized service and an integrated, full service approach to fulfillment.

EchoData had relied heavily on the traditional means of building business—increasing sales staff and meeting face to face with prospects. When EchoData decided to make the Internet an additional advertising channel, they knew building a partnership with an agency to advise and manage a campaign was important. EchoData contracted with ADI to redesign the corporate Web site and incorporate Internet Marketing into its marketing plan to increase the number of qualified leads.

ADI created a Web site that would effectively represent the company and its range of experience and expertise. With the launch of the Web site, ADI optimized the Web site for improved positioning within the natural results of the search engines. After the initial site optimization, ADI was contracted for a one-year strategic search engine marketing campaign. With this type of commitment, ADI was able to increase the site’s presence on the search engines through ongoing Web site optimization and a link building campaign.

ADI combined ongoing optimization and link building with a pay per click advertising campaign. The inclusion within the sponsored listings on the primary search engines through pay per click advertising was important to see immediate, guaranteed results. And, since the birth of Local Search, ADI was able to customize the campaign to target services to specific regions.

Since ADI completed search engine optimization and started the pay per click campaign, EchoData saw an immediate increase in both traffic and sales leads:

  • 50% Increase in Average Daily Unique Visitors
  • 71% of Traffic to the Web site from Search Engine Referrals
  • 4.5% of Monthly Search Engine Visits Converted to Leads
  • 4x the Amount of Monthly Leads