Advance Design Interactive is a full-service interactive marketing agency that specializes in custom web design and development.

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Can I update the web pages myself?
  • Advance Design Interactive offers a full maintenance service for which clients pay a monthly fee through a credit card. The cost would be calculated on the proposed changes per month and adjusted accordingly after some time.
  • We can supply Content Management Solutions so you can update specified parts of the website through a simple user-interface with no knowledge of programming needed. Updates show up on the website immediately or you can choose the date you want them to show up!
  • If your company employs qualified staff, Advance Design Interactive will hand over the website and just assist when future design and programming is needed.
Do you set up email for us?

Hosting can include Webmail which is accessed through any web browser connected to the Internet. The hosting package chosen for your particular website will include a number of email accounts and additional addresses are charged for separately. Your email can also be directed into Outlook or Outlook Express. Your IT staff can set this up for you, or we can help for a small additional charge.

How do we get started?
  • The project will be defined by set objectives or theme.
  • Targeted users will be identified and the graphical elements designed accordingly.
  • Your company may supply photographic and marketing materials, or we can develop these for you.
  • The developers will build the project, testing individual components along the way.
  • Testing will be done for functionality and usability.
  • Search engine optimization starts and ongoing progress is monitored.
How long will the website take to build?

A small website will take a few weeks to develop, once we have received all the relevant materials, while larger projects can take several months, depending on the scope and functionality.

How much do I have to spend?

Most companies start with an online brochure-type website which is relatively inexpensive then add functionality when they’re ready. Other companies have a specific need and start bigger. Advance Design Interactive builds websites for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies and each project is individually priced. Pricing for a simple basic website starts around $700.00. We also offer monthly plans too.

How will I know if the web site is successful?

Marketing targets will be identified and objectives set prior to ever building the site against which success can be monitored.

ADI’s will provide through it Marketing Plans Analytical tool monitors:

  • Visitor count
  • Pages most/least visited
  • Entry/exit points
  • Which search engines and websites were used to find you
  • Type of browser the visitor used
  • How long visitors to the site stay
  • And much more.
How will people find our web site?
  • Add your company web address to all existing stationery and print materials such as brochures and advertisements.
  • Advance Design Interactive are experts in Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing for which we have a selection of programs.
  • Existing clients have encouraged additional visitors to their websites through trade journals and magazines. Some add their web address to current TV and radio advertising.
  • Email marketing is very successful and offers an additional, low cost marketing medium to reach your customers and prospects.
I already have a web site. Why should I spend money on a new design?

Web technology changes all the time and sites are more complex now than a few years ago when large graphics slowed down browsing time and fast Internet connections were unheard of. You will need to update the look of the website and improve the functionality you offer customers and staff. Advance Design Interactive will keep you updated through newsletters and email bulletins.

My business is local – why would I want to be seen worldwide?
  • Local people use the Internet and often go online to get phone numbers, directions and general information.
  • You probably have a product you could sell out of your direct area – maybe you’ve never thought about it. Your product or service could have millions of potential customers just waiting.
What is the price of a web site?

A brochure-type web site with either a template or custom design usually starts around $700.00 with discounts offered to certified non-profit organizations. Functionality such as ecommerce and custom database web applications substantially affect the price.

Why do I need a website?
  • It has become a standard method of marketing your products and services in addition to traditional methods.
  • It’s cheaper than printing brochures.
  • It can be changed easily and often.
  • You can effectively communicate with customers and suppliers.
  • Prospective customers can access your information at any time, anywhere.