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Mobile Development

ADI does both native mobile app development and responsive mobile development. Talk to us to day to learn about the advantage of each way to do mobile development.

Mobile Development

ADI offers three different ways for development of mobile apps.

Native Environment

The first way is development using the native environment of the device and language of Android and Apple and Apps for each platform and maintaining them. By doing this, it allows for the most access to the device platform. In many cases, the outcome of the App will be faster and tighter code. The Con -is that you have to maintain two different versions. It may be the most expensive way, but can be worth it in some cases.


The second way is to use a hybrid platform like PhoneGap (Adobe) and C++Visual Studio (Xamarin) and others. This allows you to develop one set of code that will work in both Apple and Android OS. The Pro – of a hybrid is that you can save a lot of development dollars, because there is only one set of code to deal with. The Con – is that Apple does not always like the hybrids and makes it hard to get approved to be in the Apple Store.

Mobile Responsive

The third way is the most flexible by using the browser of the device and cloud based development. This is done by developing the App to use in a browser. It allows you to run App in any browser whether it be on the mobile phone, tablet or desktop. As long as there is a popular browser for the device, the mobile responsive app will work. We use Microsoft C++, PHP, HTML, CSS Java script, Microsoft SQL and MYSQL as well as others to develop Mobile Responsive App. The Pro –Your software code will work on many different devices. The Con- is that you need a browser