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Integrated Project Services

Integrated Project Services (IPS) is a recognized leader in delivering customized design/build services, engineering, validation and compliance solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Integrated Project Services

Pharmaceutical Consulting Firm
Integrated Project Services

Integrated Project Services (IPS) is a recognized leader in delivering customized design/build services, engineering, validation and compliance solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

IPS’s previous Web strategy consisted of a small brochure Web site. Increasing their Internet presence was important due to the growing online presence of their competitors. IPS needed a Web site that would be an effective sales and marketing tool and could show their expertise, flexibility, and technological ability. They wanted a Web site that would better represent the organization as innovative industry leaders capable of servicing large pharmaceutical giants. Additionally, IPS knew they needed a cost effective forum to test new ideas. Since their industry is fast paced, traditional print advertising is not an efficient way to test ideas.

The IPS guy was designed for trade showsAdvance Design worked closely with IPS to create a powerful interactive strategy that stretches beyond an online brochure to a total business solution while representing IPS as a technically driven company. The total business solution began through the creation of a dynamic Web site using:

  • Content Management
  • Interactive Flash Movies
  • Flash Animation
  • Custom Designed Banners
  • Database Driven Content

An interactive multimedia campaign was created to accompany the launch of the Web project. The campaign included:

  • Multimedia Trade-Show Stand Presentation
  • Print Brochures with E-cards
  • IPS Mascot Trade-Show Floor Cutouts
  • Internet Marketing Campaign

The IPS business solutions were part of an entire interactive strategy, changing the way IPS does business. The Web site became an interactive sales and marketing tool revolutionizing they way they view their marketing efforts. Since the launch of the new campaign:

  • New visitors to the Web site increased by 39%
  • Internet visibility increased from 10% to 23% on the primary search engines
  • IPS reached a milestone in sales, adding a record breaking 55 new clients last year
  • Page views doubled from an average of 11,000 to 22,000 per month
  • IPS recently closed a deal with a major pharmaceutical company for over $20 million dollars

As IPS’s visibility increased on the search engines, so did the number of leads. Managing the increased traffic became crucial to IPS’s interactive marketing strategy. After thorough review of the daily list of visitors, the marketing department relays potential leads to the sales department allowing them to capitalize on the interest of the client while IPS is fresh in their mind. Closely monitoring the behavior of the Web visitors has sparked IPS to create an entirely new marketing strategy for 2004.

Cost-Effective Solution
The creation of a dynamic Web site was a cost-effective business solution for IPS. The Web site has replaced traditional print advertising, eliminating the costs associated with continually updating the print collateral and giving them the opportunity to test new ideas.

Brand Awareness and Validation 
The interactive campaign has validated the IPS brand as a company able to work with pharmaceutical giants, while increasing their brand awareness in the pharmaceutical community.

Internet Visibility 
As a direct result of the marketing efforts, IPS increased their visibility on the Internet. The Web site was optimized to increase visibility in the natural results on the primary search engines, and a pay per click campaign was implemented to focus on driving qualified leads to the Web site.

Lead Generation 
Internet marketing combined with the multimedia campaign contributed to an increase in the number of qualified leads coming to the site. The Web site also serves as a tool for their vendors, who are their number one source for referrals.