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Kelleher Associates

Kelleher Associates, Inc., located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, offers customized career management solutions to professionals spanning numerous industries and disciplines.

Kelleher Associates

Executive Career Management Company
Kelleher Associates

Kelleher Associates, Inc., located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, offers customized career management solutions to professionals spanning numerous industries and disciplines. Their services include executive coaching and mentoring, career transition counseling, and leadership development.

When Kelleher Associates talked to Advance Design Interactive about establishing a Web presence in 2002, the company had no existing Web site. At the helm of the company were Ed Kelleher, an outstanding and experienced career consultant, and Mitch Wienick, former President/CEO of CDI Corp., whose coaching practice centers on C-level executives, supported by a fine team of caring and talented professionals. No company could have been better poised to start serving an online audience. In addition to simply establishing a web presence, Kelleher wanted to offer clients an information resource over and above traditional printed materials.

Kelleher noted that it was essential that the Web site should communicate the single most important characteristic of the company – the human element. The company’s traditional practice of one-on-one counseling and consulting, and its reputation for developing trusting, personal relationships with their clients, defines them and sets them apart from many other career consultants.

ADI designed and built Kelleher a Web site that satisfied the company’s immediate needs, yet allowed ample room for the expansion and growth that would inevitably follow.

The graphic aspect of the design closely follows Kelleher’s corporate look and color scheme while the simple left-side navigation ensures that the site is easily navigable for all regardless of their level of Internet expertise. Casual photos of actual staff members – present throughout the site – reassure Web visitors that they are dealing with “real” people, and pictures of the premises provide a visual of a brick-and-mortar business – solid peace-of-mind for people who are often experiencing the vulnerability of transition.

The Web site that ADI produced for Kelleher immediately identified the company as being a provider of the highest level of executive coaching and career transition services in the Delaware Valley and made it recognizable as the premier provider in the region.

Kelleher has found that the Website enhances the company’s credibility, increases its clients’ comprehension of what they do, and provides essential information and resources to both current and prospective clients.

Once the Web site was well established, ADI’s marketing team implemented Search Engine Optimization and a Link Building program to attract more visitors. ADI’s Web Watch program was implemented to help Kelleher track Web site activity.

ADI’s Search Engine Optimization and Link Building efforts resulted in a 52% Visibility Percentage increase for the Web site in a 10-month period and showed a leap from 12 to 87 First Place Rankings in the same period.

Enhancements to the website include online registration for monthly meetings, access to Kelleher’s proprietary Online Training Program, and administrative rights to update the site by the company administrator.

Kelleher states that, due to the addition of the Web Watch activity tracking program, they now have a better understanding of the interests of their Web visitors.

The vast increase in their visibility means that individuals and companies who were once unaware of them can now learn about them and make selections based on the rich information contained in the Web site.

Ultimately, success can be measured by the words that flow from the mouths of clients, and Kelleher’s Web site is generously peppered with glowing testimonies from satisfied clients.